Flew 321 combat missions from 13th May 1943, to 20th April 1945.
Flew 2 "Chowhound" missions to feed the starving Dutch people dropping 465 tons of food and supplies in May 1945.
Flew 4 "Revival" missions to return POW's and Displaced persons.
Utilized a total of 359 B-17 Flying Fortresses.
Completed 8625 sorties and dropped 19,769 tons of bombs.
Lost 156 B-17s in combat and 36 in other operations.
Had 1,362 aircraft battle damaged.
Had 61 planes force-landed on the continent.
Claimed 425 enemy aircraft destroyed, 117 probables, 231 damaged.
Lost 599 men killed in action, 7 missing in action (presumed killed).
Lost 851 men as POW's, 65 Internees, 61 Evaders, 171 wounded in action.
Total Casualties: 1,754

334th, 335th, 336th and 412th.

Commanding Officers:
Col. Alfred A. Kessler, Col. John K. Gerhart, Col. Chester P. Gilger, Col. Carl Truesdell, Jr., Col Jake E. Shuck, Lt. Col. Robert H. Stuart.

1940's Arial view